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Event name:

The 6th International Intelligent Networking Automotive Technology Annual Conference - Test Drive



National Intelligent Automobile and Command Traffic (BJ-HB) Demonstration Zone Yizhuang Base


Companies Participate in:

Autoroad, Idriverplus, Dongfeng Motor


Demonstration time:

14:00-16:30 pm , May 29th, for VIP

09:30-11:30 am, 14:00-16:30 pm , May 30th, for Delegates

The organizer will arrange a shuttle bus to send the delegates to the demonstration base from Beijing Yichuang International Exhibition Center.


Autoroad will bring:

l  79GHz SAR’s target detection imaging demonstration on passenger car

l  BSD, LCA and other functional demonstrations of 79GHz short-range radar on passenger car

l  AEB system demonstration based on 77GHz middle-range radar on commercial vehicle


Registration information:

The experience on May 29th will be invited and organized by the organizers; 

The experience on May 30th will be registered by the delegates on site.

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